Wow, I’m finally doing it!

Here we go… it’s November 2018 and I’m finally starting my blog! Having read many other blogs, browsed Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Strava, I felt like I should give it a shot.

So, a bit about me…

Having partied pretty hard and obsessed over swell charts and surfing for many years, I bought myself a roadie. The idea being to use it as a means of  getting to the different breaks, a fin on each handlebar, raging hangover and a board under my arm. However, that summer was to be the flattest we’d had for ages, In searching for waves I started riding further and further until I decided to leave the board behind and go for a “Proper” ride. By the end of the summer I was a full convert.

I started riding more and soon found myself spending more time “on land” than in the water, and wearing a lot more Lycra than neoprene! I quickly upgraded kit and joined a local cycling club; Ludgvan CC. It was at “LCC” that I really explored the wonders of Cornish riding, from meandering lanes around the Lizard to conquering the hills of the north coast, I’d found my Mecca.

Having honed my climbing legs by searching out and attacking hills, I wanted to try something different. I turned up to the Penzance Wheeler’s thursday evening Time Trial with my road bike and some bright pink socks, signed on and pinned my number. Nerves aplenty I ended up with a 26:10 on the famously hilly S45/10, I’d never pushed so hard and blew up spectacularly, crawling over the line!- But I was hooked.

I soon out-grew LCC and in searching for someone to push me on, started doing twice-weekly chain gangs with the Cycle-Logic riders aka “The Pards”

I thought I had some good fitness, but man, was that tough! Sticking mostly on the TT circuit was 12 miles of solid through-and-off surrounded by most of the local time trial and road race heavyweights. Riding wheel to wheel at pace was a new experience for me, and one I initially struggled to do confidently. The first month I’d get dropped near the end with the Pard’s sensing fresh blood and not taking any prisoners. As the months went by and we got into “Singlespeed season” I kept turning up, pushing myself to make it a bit further than before. Part of me dreaded the inevitable kicking, but another part of me loved it.

Mallorca with my “Mates”. April 2017

Since riding with the Pards I’ve become a much better rider, with their guidance i’ve entered more races, become stronger and learnt many tips, tricks and habits from the wiley Pards . In addition to the chaingangs and the races, I’ve found true paradise in the form of recent trips to the cycling hotbed of Mallorca. If you haven’t been, go. It’s the most incredible place to ride a bike, and probably pips Cornwall into #1 place, but only just.

Having experimented with CycloCross last season I aim to build on that this year, giving myself a good platform to succeed in other races next season. I hope to carry on the solid timetrial form I found and hopefully get a Cat2 Licence in the new season.

So there we go, that’s a brief (ish) blurb about who I am. I look forward to hopefully getting to know you all and sharing all of my riding experiences with you, the ups and downs, the rough with the smooth.

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Now, Just Go Ride!

James Grogan

Ride as much or as little, or as long or as short as you feel. But ride — Eddy Merckx

Tour of Cambridgeshire June 2018

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